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Roofing Case Study

Local Roofing Contractor in Manchester - How we managed to get 61 leads, at 30% conversions in 30 days


  • Maximize Conversions (Industry average is 6%)
  • Generate phone calls and form submissions to schedule in-person consultations
  • Lower Cost Per click (Suggested Bid from Google is £15 per click)
  • Target whole Manchester area 


  • Create Custom Landing Page
  • Set up conversion tracking


  • Cost per Click was £15 – down by 60% – from £15 to £9
  • We generated 61 leads with £1900 Ads ad spent – £31 per lead
  • Conversion rate was between 16% and 45% (depending on the job/location) – average 30%

"Getting Customers  is a measured art. We figure out who your customers is and where they are, then we put you right in front of them "

David James || CEO DCA Digital

David James 

CEO DCA Digital

We Get You Noticed...

David James is a Web design Wollongong expert

A local roofing contractor from Manchester decided to explore online marketing possibilities. They wanted to have a new stream of potential roofing leads coming through their website. They approached us without any knowledge about advertising possibilities online and asked for help.

First of all, we researched the market for the opportunities to advertise roofing company’s business online. Our chosen platform – Google Ads. When we compared how much they can spend (Customer Acquisition Cost) with the price of clicks and possible conversion rates – we decided that it’s definitely worth trying to launch a dedicated Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.

We started from a research of the market, so we quickly learned about the competition and keywords that people use when they are looking for roofing companies in the area. We researched a list of keywords and their prices for this particular campaign, so the next step was to choose services that we are going to advertise for the client.

Next, the dedicated landing page was created which matched the relevant search to maximize the Conversion Rate (CR) of all incoming visitors. There’s a golden rule of all marketing campaigns – NSAMCWADLP –  “Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page!”. As we followed this rule we were able to do A/B split testing on our ads and landing pages in order to constantly improve the Conversion Rate of our campaign.

Some Of The Platforms We Work With

Wordpress Web design Wollongong
Joomla Web design Wollongong
Planning Web design Wollongong


30 days down the road and our results are amazing. At the moment of writing this article, we were able to convert 26-28% of all traffic! Cost per lead is only £30. Our client told us anything below £100 cost per lead is profitable for him.

helping London roofers drive revenue

We are now looking for a parnter in London. We want to duplicate these results we got for our Manchester partner. We will take on one and only one new partner in London. Will that be you?

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Our marketing campaigns creates something both interesting and engaging so customers stay on your site, engage with your content and schedule an appointment, rather than getting bored and disinterested and going to your competitors.

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