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We are a community-owned project where like-minded frens are gathering to build
life changing utility.

Some important info before we begin:

Initial liquidity donated by founders

LP burned so can never be removed

No team tokens, 100% owned by the community

A Brief Word From The Founders:


In the words of Charlie Chaplin - "In this world there is room for everyone. And the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way..."

$REBEL was created to allow all to find their way back to bliss.


If you are reading this, you are about to embark on a journey with us that will change the way many of us live, for the better.

For too long, we have been taught to believe that our human potential is determined by our up-bringing, our race, our gender, our education, our age, or our religion. We are taught to believe that we do not have the resources immediately available to us to succeed, and that we must work hard to be given those resources from the powers that be.

We are born into a system of control. A system that is facilitated by mainstream media, big tech, big money, and governmental structures that are designed to keep us from liberating ourselves and controlling our own outcomes.

Laws are put in place because they don't trust that we'll act in love, rather that hate. Our money is controlled because they don't trust that we'll contribute to society on our own. Imaginary borders are created because they don't trust that we can move freely around this great earth, and co-exist in harmony.

But... It's not all doom and gloom.

We were all born with an innate ability to harness the power of our minds to manifest the lives we truly dreamed of living. Through the use of the same energy that created the earth we occupy, we can create utility to help us live a truly based life.

$REBEL was created to remind us all how powerful we can be when we join forces for the good; when we rebel against the oppression, fear, censorship and limitations and move towards the truth - that we are all magnificent beings, with the ability to peacefully occupy a spherical rock that orbits the sun whilst suspended in gravity. Where all things are in perfect balance with each other in order to exist in the first place. Sounds like far out thinking doesn't it? Well, that's just our programming...

$REBEL will aim to reprogram our minds, to unlock potential that we are not currently accessing. We will start by creating a community of people who understand, or at the very least, have a feeling that there is more to life than what we have been taught to believe.

The crypto space has opened up the perfect opportunity to rebel against the norm and create something brilliant - together.

In doing so, we'll rebel against the status quo and anything and anyone that tries to say we can't.


Watch this space...

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