Make Your Blog Look Better

Make Your Blog Look Better

A blog can be a great tool to market your business or brand to an international audience. To make your blog successful, you need to work hard to ensure that it stands out from the crowd and that your blog is the best it can be. Running a successful blog is not about posting posts and hoping that people will read and share your content far and wide, there are tricks you can put in place to make your blog look better.

Six important tips for improving a blog

1. Add graphics- Followers will naturally gravitate towards great graphics. Attractive graphics capture and anchor reader’s attention. Once you have your follower’s attention, they will want to scroll down and read more. Attractive graphics not only make people want to read your content but share content with their friends and loved ones. The good news is that unlike years ago where you had to create your own graphics, there are hundreds if not thousands of tools nowadays that will allow you to add amazing graphics to your blog in a matter of minutes. Apps like canvas, PlaceIt, Skitch, among others are easy to use and will create great images in a matter of minutes.

2. Get a real domain- Most newbie bloggers use or platforms, as they are free. While this is a good way to start your blogging journey, it is important to consider getting a real domain if you are serious about blogging. One of the benefits of getting a real domain is that search engines are able to index your domain rather than Secondly, you have good exposure with Google and other search engines and you are able to use a customized email address such as rather than yahoo or Gmail. Thirdly, you are able to easily promote your blog using a customized domain name that is easy to type and remember for your visitors.

3. Ensuring that it is Mobile friendly and Responsive- If your blog is not compatible with mobile devices, then you are losing on a lot of traffic. An increased number of online visitors will use their smart phones and tablets to access your blog. Some of the ways of making your website mobile friendly include

· Simple and clearly laid out navigation to make it easy for users to access and navigate your blog using mobile devices

· Simply laid out content to make reading easy for visitors

· Clear and click-able call to actions and a click-to-call functionality to easily contact you

· A responsive and attractive theme and font for mobile devices

A responsive blog is easy to view on different sizes and devices. When you use a responsive design on your blog, mobile devices can easily detect your visitor’s device screen orientation and size and change the blog’s layout accordingly.

4. Valuable and well-organized posts- Posting valuable content in an organized manner is another way to transform your blog. People visiting your site want interesting and well-organized content that prompts them to continue reading. Do your homework to ensure that the content you post resonates with your visitors and will keep them coming back.

5. Formatting your text- Write your posts in short paragraphs, and use simple texts formatting to highlight key points. Use italics, underlines, bold to emphasize make your posts more attractive. In addition, make sure that your posts have headings and sub-headings to make it easy for the reader to read and follow your posts. Readers have choices when it comes to online content; you therefore want to make sure that your visitors spend time to read your content. Use headings that catch attention and subheadings to break down posts to make them easy to read. Don’t forget to use number and bullet points to state key points clearly and in an organized manner

6. Make your content sharable- Shares and likes show that people like your content. More shares and likes show that your audience is interested in what you are saying, and that you are giving them value. Your followers will share great content because they identify with what you are saying, want to share and help others and because they believe in you and what you are telling them. Psychologically, people are more likely to trust in a blog post that has more likes and shares than one that does not.

Following these tricks can help transform your blog from good to great. A good blog is attractive, easy to read and sharable.

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